Choose a Date for your Destination Wedding 

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There are many considerations when you’re picking a date for your destination wedding, here’s what you need to know.

Choosing the right date for your destination wedding is important. Date affects the way you approach the planning process which in turn influences the vision that you have for your wedding. Date influences how much you pay for travel and affects which guests can attend.

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How Many Days?

  • A typical destination wedding lasts 3-4 days; or over a weekend
  • You may need to shorten or extend the number of days depending on travel/distance.
  • As the hosts, typically, the couple arrive at the destination prior to their guests.

Destination wedding planning time

You need time to plan your wedding!  Be realistic!  A year is a good rule of thumb but you can definitely plan your destination wedding in less time.  It depends on how flexible you’re willing to be.

If you're hosting a wedding at an all-inclusive resort, your planning will be significantly easier since most of your wedding elements will be bundled into one wedding package.  

Working with a destination wedding specialist or at the very least a travel agent will also make things easier; this person will handle a lot of the legwork for you.

Consider your Wedding Guests

As you consider the ideal wedding date, remember that:

  • Guests need ample time to book flights, make room reservations and request time off work.
  • For people whom you consider essential at your destination wedding, avoid picking a date that conflicts with one of their milestone events - i.e. graduations, pregnancy, heavy workload, etc.
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Your Destination Wedding Location

Is your preferred date available at the destination with enough space to accommodate your wedding guests?

Seasonal rates impact costs for you and your wedding guests.  In the Caribbean, keep in mind:

  • High season: most popular with tourists; ideal weather; most crowded and the highest rates for travel and accommodation
  • Low season: most affordable; hotel rooms easiest to get; special requests more easily met. But, in some areas, businesses are closed!
  • Shoulder season: right in the middle of high and low season; everything's open, weather is still ideal and prices are slightly lower than high season
  • Hurricane season: In the Caribbean and Florida, from June 1 - November 30

Local festivals; conventions and Spring and Winter break also have an impact on the rates and availability at your wedding destination.  Know before you book anything!

Keep in mind...

Save-the-dates are a must for a destination wedding. If you can, send them out around six (6) months prior to your wedding day.

In the Caribbean, a mid-week wedding is doable.  Saturday evening is NOT your only option.  By the way, if you're on a budget a wedding during the week is likely to save you some money.

Talk to a professional who is familiar with the destination that you have in mind for your wedding so that you're not blindsided when you finally choose the wedding date you want.

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