Ceremony Options for your Destination Wedding 

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Figure out the type of wedding ceremony you want for your destination wedding.

Take a moment to figure out type of wedding ceremony you want for your destination wedding.

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What Type of Wedding Ceremony?

The ceremony for your destination wedding is an opportunity for a picture-perfect snapshot.  You probably picked the site for your ceremony when you initially booked the wedding venue - i.e. the hotel or resort.

But what are your options for the type of  wedding ceremony?  Religious, interfaith, civil, symbolic, spiritual...what's the difference?  

  • A religious wedding ceremony is conducted by a religious officiant and includes specific religious rites. Some officiants are more rigid about incorporating certain requests for this type of ceremony - for example,the use of secular music.
  • An interfaith wedding is the blending of two (2) different faiths and may require you to find two (2) separate officiants - one for each faith. Some countries may not recognize an interfaith wedding as legally binding, so find out!
  • A spiritual wedding ceremony works if you neither of you have a preference for specific religious rites or permissions
  • A civil ceremony has no religious elements and simply conforms to the local, legal requirements and rules. The service is conducted by a registrar or marriage official.
  • A symbolic ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony at all.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Here are a few ways that you can personalize your destination wedding ceremony.

  • For an island wedding, serve arriving guests with cool drinks prior to the ceremony start.
  • Set-up personalized directional wedding signs so that your wedding guests know exactly where to go to attend the ceremony.
  • Put some thought into creating a playlist for your wedding ceremony - incorporating local sounds for your destination wedding ceremony is an authentic and memorable touch
  • Make sure you provide seating for a wedding ceremony that is scheduled to last longer than 20 minutes. 
  • As you exchange your wedding vows, consider including a local phrase of good wishes with your vow - another authentic, local touch.
  • Keep track of local sunrise and sunset times as you decide what time of day you would like your wedding ceremony to begin.

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