Create Your Destination Wedding Guest List 

A few things to consider as you draft a guest list for your destination wedding.

By  Debbie Quain

Who are you planning on inviting to your destination wedding?  Take a moment to draft your wedding guest list.

create a draft guest list

A destination wedding requires a few additional considerations as you create a guest list - unless you're eloping.  Because of the commitment (time and money related to travel) from guests, the guest list is likely to be much smaller than the guest list for a traditional hometown wedding.

As you add each name to your list, here are a few things to consider:

  • Is this someone you'll enjoy vacationing with?
  • Can this person afford the travel expenses associated with your destination wedding?
  • Is this person well enough to travel?
  • Is there a fear of flying?
  • Are there any special medical or dietary needs?
  • Children?  Will your guest need to bring them?

Speaking of children...

  • Do you want children at your destination wedding?
  • If so, what about childcare? 
  • Are children even allowed at your selected resort or hotel?

send save-the-dates, asap!

As soon as you've secured the date and location for your destination wedding, send a save-the-date to people on your guest list.  Include:

  • Your (the engaged couple) names
  • Dates of your wedding weekend (week dates)
  • The destination location - make it crystal-clear that this is a wedding away!

If your wedding invitations are ready, send them in lieu of save-the-dates

share details in a destination wedding packet

In addition to the basics of a tradition wedding invitation, your destination wedding invitation must include essential travel information.  Either include these details in the envelope with the wedding invitation or send a packet of info separately.

This packet of information should include:

  • Information about the destination - country or city/state)
  • Hotel or accommodation information - including room block details
  • Flight information (if applicable)
  • A daily itinerary of events surrounding your wedding
  • Airport/ground transportation (referred to as 'transfers)
  • A suggested packing list (optional)
  • Passport reminder (if applicable)

create a wedding website

A wedding website is the online version of your printed destination wedding packet of information.  This is a great way to share and update all the details that you want your wedding guests to know. 

A quick online search for "wedding website" generates an endless list of options from free to completely customized.  If you're certain that all of your invited guests have access to view your website, a printed package of info may not even be necessary. 

Debbie Quain

Debbie is the owner of Hitched Away, her destination wedding consulting firm, where she plans and coordinates breathtaking destination weddings and vow renewal ceremonies for clients in the Caribbean.

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